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there is a better way...

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Introducing Simply Lids

Having experienced all of the shortcomings of the existing on-the-go drink lids, we set out on a mission to build the best lid in the world. It has taken years and years of research, innovative engineering, and prototyping; not to mention a lot of money to get it done. The results are stunning!

We are proud to have world-wide utility and design patents, and trademarks.

Simply Lids is a collaboration of many people; from designers, mold makers, robotic professionals, and plastic experts to name a few.

The lid is splash-proof, leak-resistant, and environmentally friendly.

It provides all the drinking pleasure of a beverage without a lid; sipping capability to avoid burnt tongues and able to enjoy the aroma of your favorite tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.

Take time to browse the site to learn more about this amazing lid.

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"now you can enjoy your beverage"

features & benefits

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Sure Sip

Liquid evacuates at the bottom of the recessed reservoir through a side hole. This enables the user to temperature gauge the liquid preventing the burning of your mouth. It also lets you smell the aroma of your tea or coffee for a superior drinking experience.

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Simply Slider

The lid is constructed with a slider that opens and closes the side hole and vent hole forming a seal to resist spills. When the slider is closed it will help keep beverages hotter or colder longer for a more enjoyable drinking experience

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Splash Guard

 If the user happens to get bumped or in unstable conditions, the side hole prevents any liquid from spouting straight out of the lid. Any liquid that escapes returns back into the recessed part of the lid eliminating unwanted splashes coming on your clothes or environment.



The Simply Lid is like no other when it comes to being concerned about the environment. Our lids are made from polypropylene, one of the most common and widely used plastics in the world. You might be saying; " ya but it is plastic". Polypropylene has a far less carbon footprint than the plastic presently being used on the market. It is also the most widely recycled material and if properly utilized in a recycle system, it will never see a landfill site. Recycling plastic has a very low carbon footprint, even less than trying to use paper products.

We are also developing a recycling incentive program using blockchain technology so that you can actually be rewarded for recycling the Simply Lid.  


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The world is not just black and white. Let your imagination run free and really amaze your customers. The lids can be catered to brand colors, making you memorable to your customers. Not only are you enjoying the drinking pleasure of the Simply Lid but also the design and esthetics. 

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5 G Ready

Simply Lids is the first product of its kind to utilize Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology. This allows the user to interact with products by simply touching a special label called a tag with a smartphone.

There are already over 2 billion NFC enabled devices in the world. The NFC market will continue to grow 18% over the next decade.

An astonishing 90% of smartphone owners use their devices when provided the opportunity to use a NFC tag.



Coffee Fest Award Winner


Best New Product


Edison Awards Nominee

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